12th Dress

Dec. 17th, 2011 02:24 pm
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[Mayfield, there is a sad pony hanging out on the front porch of 836 Hastings Boulevard. Like so many others, Rarity had the dream the previous night, and agreed to the bargain to save her friends and the home she'd always hoped to return to someday. It pains her that she had to learn about the damage her existence would cause to Ponyville from her dear younger sister Sweetie Belle of all ponies, but it turns out this would be for the best. So what's there for a slowly fading pony to do but to write out her last will and testament? Passersby will find Rarity sitting sadly on the porch, a long piece of paper unfurled in front of her and a quill pen levitating beside her as she begins to write. She's narrating it all out loud for dramatic effect, of course.]

I, Rarity, being of sound mind and body, do hereby render this document as my last will and testament, herein and hereby revoking and making void any and all wills heretofore made by me.

Item 1: As the state of my soul has previously been provided for by one human town by the name of Mayfield, I shall not require a remembrance service to be held in my honor, nor any manner of elaborate memorial to be constructed in my name.

Item 2: To my dear, sweet sister Sweetie Belle, I hereby bequeath the Carousel Boutique, my home and studio, to use in whatever fashion she sees fit.

Item 3: To my friend Twilight Sparkle, I leave my collection of finished dresses. As Princess Celestia's apprentice and frequent visitor to Canterlot, she is in most dire need.

Item 4: To my friend Fluttershy, I leave my lovable pet cat Opalescence, as I know she will take excellent care of her. I also leave to Fluttershy my entire stock of fabric and my sewing machine; may she use it to create the French couture fashions she has always desired.

Item 5: To my friend Pinkie Pie, I leave my collection of porcelain dishes, napkins, silverware, and tablecloths. I am certain they will serve her well at future parties.

Item 6: To my friend Applejack, I leave my makeup. May she some day discover its use.

Item 7: To my friend Rainbow Dash, I leave my tea set, in the hopes that it will inject a bit of culture and sophistication into her daily life.

Item 8: To Spike - my biggest fan - I leave...

[Rarity pauses here for a moment to swallow a lump in her throat. A small whimper escapes her mouth before she continues on.]

...my entire collection of rare gemstones. I trust he will find them [uncomfortable squeak] delicious.

Item 9: And finally, to Princess Celestia, I leave the Element of Generosity, as I have proven myself unworthy to wield it.

The undersigned has declared the content of this document to be fully accurate and legally binding for all purposes relating to the death thereof.

[And finally, repeating her own name as she does so, Rarity signs her name at the bottom of the form in swirly script letters.]

Well... I suppose now there's only one thing left to do.

[Rarity's horn glows briefly as she flops dramatically forward. Out of nowhere (or rather, from somewhere conveniently 'off-camera'), a pony-sized chaise lounge slides in to catch her. She lands on it and drapes a hoof across her face as the tears flow down from her eyes.]

And now, a fond farewell!! Farewell to you, friends! Farewell to you, family! May you live long and fruitful lives in my place! I only hope that my sacrifice has in some small way ensured your happiness.

[And now she's just going to wallow in her misery and roll around and cry like the dramatic little thing she is.]

11th Dress

Nov. 26th, 2011 01:06 pm
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[If anyone was ever wondering how Rarity would deal with suddenly being forced to live in a hellish post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland, the answer is 'not well.'  She's just lying there in the middle of what used to be Hastings Boulevard with the tattered remains of the fluffy pink robe she wears to bed every night just barely hanging off her form, completely shell-shocked and in the middle of a complete breakdown.]

This... this can't be!  My sewing studio... my precious fabric and gemstones!  My designs!  They're all gone!  Gone forever!

[Rarity dramatically lifts a hoof to her forehead, rolling around on her back and sobbing hysterically.]

How could this happen?  This is the worst day ever!

[Punctuating each word with what is probably still a rather over-dramatic thrash of her body, even under these circumstances, Rarity eventually ceases all movement and just continues to lie there in the street.]

I don't want to live in a world where fashion is dead.  Oh, sweet nothingness... come and claim me!  Steal away my sight, that I may no longer be forced to look upon this colorless landscape!

[And now she's mock-fainting.  A loud sigh escapes her lips as her eyes close.  Anyone who's even bothering to pay the slightest bit of attention should realize she's not dead, and is just being a huge drama queen.  But there she lies, all the same.]
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[Well, this is worrisome.  It looks like one of Rarity's housemates is gone for good.  She noticed almost right away - it was a dead giveaway when Rarity looked into Xion's room and noticed her favorite black hooded robe missing.  Leave it to this one to notice disappearing clothing before everything else.  Sighing a bit, she heads for the phones to inform the rest of the town.  Xion was a sweet girl, after all - she had to have friends who would want to know.]


[Rarity clears her throat for a moment before speaking.]

If any of you were friends with a girl named Xion... it seems she's gone back home, quite likely for good.  Her clothing is missing from her room.  I... thought it only appropriate to inform you all.

[Action; 836 Hastings]

[Later that day, Rarity can be found in the sewing room as usual.  If anyone peeks in, she's working on something a little different than usual - just one long piece of plain black cloth.  There's a pile of sparkling gems that she recently got back lying in the corner, but she doesn't seem to be using any of them on this project.]

[Action; around town]

[Well, that little project from earlier is ready, so Rarity's wearing it around town as she takes a walk to clear her mind.  It's strange living with the drone of someone you'd gotten to be friends with, especially for somepony who's never had to live with one before.  Still, Rarity doesn't intend to forget Xion or the bond of friendship they'd formed.  And even though she wasn't a fan of what passes for fashion in Organization XIII, sewing a pony-sized replica of their robe and wearing it herself as she enjoys the cool night air is Rarity's small way of honoring Xion's memory.  The detail is meticulous, right down to the silver chains.  It's really the least she could do to remember a friend.]

9th Dress

Oct. 25th, 2011 05:18 pm
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[What bad timing. Rarity finally just came out of her self-imposed seclusion yesterday, only to be shoved into one of those gross-looking pods and replaced with a vindictive clone of herself. And pod!Rarity wastes no time at all in getting on the phones to screw with the rest of the town. Her voice is no less cheerful than usual, but it's just slightly haughtier than usual, like she's looking down on everyone else.]

Well, I'd say it's about time to get down to business again. Carousel Boutique is open for commissions! My schedule is completely clear, and it belongs to all of you! And not a moment too soon, if I do say so myself. After all, I've seen the dreadful excuse for fashion you've all been wearing around town recently. Honestly, I don't know how some of you can stand to look in the mirror in the morning, let alone set foot outside your house!

...Actually, I suppose I applaud your bravery in that regard; I could never even dream of being seen in public looking like that. But worry not, citizens of Mayfield! Your Rarity is here for you. I view it as my greatest challenge as a designer to make you all look presentable. You get stylish new clothing, and I don't have to cringe as I walk down the street anymore! See? Everypony wins. Isn't that generous of me?

8th Dress

Oct. 24th, 2011 07:39 pm
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[So, it's been exactly one week since Rarity was brutally murdered by Black Mage because he didn't feel like paying for his Halloween costumes.  She's been very scarce since coming back the next morning, not really sure of how to deal with having been through such a harrowing experience.  Most of the ensuing week was spent hiding in her room, cloaked in a black shawl she'd made for herself shortly after waking up in the doghouse again.  The first few days, she just kept herself locked in there entirely, refusing to even eat.  Eventually, as the week wore on, she started coming around more, but always with the shawl wrapped around herself.  But even Rarity knows that you can't dramatically mope over something forever, even if it is completely terrifying.  So she's heading for the phones to let everyone know she's okay.  By playing it off and acting totally fine.]

[Phone; unfiltered]

...Well.  That certainly wasn't an experience I'm keen on repeating anytime soon.  Mr. B.M. - in the future, if you are unsatisfied with my work, you need only say something.  Not that I have any intention of doing business with you again in the first place, of course.


There.  Now that that trifle is out of the way, can anypony tell me more about this Halloween holiday we appear to have coming up next week?  Is it anything at all like Nightmare Night?  It sounds rather similar.

7th Dress

Oct. 6th, 2011 05:35 pm
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Good evening once again, Mayfield!  It is I, Rarity.  I've heard quite a bit of excitement surrounding this 'Homecoming' event that you all seem to be planning, and since there seems to be a formal dance involved, I would like to remind everypo... ahem, everyone - that I am available at any time for custom commissions for dresses and other formalwear.  It simply would not do to hold such a grand and gala event without the attendees shining as brightly as they can, after all.  So if there are any of you out there who are dissatisfied with the bland and boring fashion choices Mayfield's shops have to offer, you need look no further than Carousel Boutique, Mayfield branch.  I am located at 836 Hastings Boulevard, so please feel free to stop by at your leisure to get measured for an outfit that's certain to turn heads as you enter the Homecoming dance next weekend.  Prices are negotiable, and I'm certain you'll find my rates quite reasonable.  I look forward to seeing you all!  Just ask for Rarity.


6th Dress

Sep. 25th, 2011 07:27 pm
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[Phone; filtered to Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy, and Princess Celestia]

Good day, everypony!  I do hope you're all doing well after... whatever that was that happened this week.  I'm afraid there wasn't much I could do to help, since whatever happened seemed to have left the victims quite beyond the bounds of fashion or reason.  However, I'd like to do something to make it up to all of you.  Borrowing a page from Pinkie Pie's book, I would like to cordially invite you all for afternoon tea this Friday.  The family I live with here has been quite gracious since my arrival, so I hope none of you will mind that I'm extending an invite to them as well.  It would be rather rude of me to throw a party in their house without inviting them, after all.  Please bring whatever you like if there is something specific you'd like to eat, though I am already planning on supplying tea and cucumber sandwiches myself.  Pinkie Pie, I'm looking at you in particular to provide our dessert selections - I'm sure you won't let us down.  I hope to see you all there!

[This last part is filtered away from Princess Celestia, but still to the others.]

I've also invited Princess Celestia, so it goes without saying that everypony should be dressed to impress and on their best behavior!  Remember, Friday afternoon!  Don't be late!

[Action; 836 Hastings]

[For anyone in the family who's curious, Rarity's spent the better part of the day in her room.  The sound of the sewing machine has been steadily humming from behind closed doors, and anyone listening closely can hear the telltale sparkling sound of Rarity's magic as she continues working on whatever it is she's doing in there, as well as periodic comments to herself.]

Let's see... I'll need something appropriate to wear.  I wouldn't want to disappoint Princess Celestia!  Oh, but perhaps I should make dresses for the others as well - I wouldn't want to outshine them too much.

[Action; around Mayfield; throughout the week]

[When she's not in her room sewing dresses and things together, Rarity's out and about in Mayfield looking for party supplies.  This is of course made difficult by the drones' annoyingly persistent claims that she is a common housepet, but she's managed to make things work well enough.  Anyone near the shops will see Rarity dressed in a black cloak and dark sunglasses, watching drone shopkeepers closely and sneaking into the stores while their backs are turned.  Out of pure necessity, she's learned how to skulk about unnoticed, quickly gather together the things she needs, and leave appropriate payment near the cash register with her magic before running out of the store again.  It's working, but it's a bit tiring, especially since she's pulling it all behind her in a little red wagon as she moves between stores.  Feel free to run into her at any point in this process.]

5th Dress

Aug. 31st, 2011 09:27 pm
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[Phone; unfiltered]

Good evening, Mayfield! Allow me to introduce myself - my name is Rarity, and I'm living at 836 Hastings Boulevard with the Liebert family. They've given me quite a warm welcome, and Mayfield has shown itself to be possessed of some rather... quaint charms of its own when it's not playing bad jokes on us. Unfortunately, there is one rather distressing thing I've noticed about this town that I intend to do my part to correct - the utter lack of proper fashion sense. Why, I've never seen such atrocious designs in my life! It's a travesty, and I refuse to allow it to continue any longer!

As such, since Mayfield has been so kind as to return my sewing supplies, I am proud to have the opportunity to announce the official grand opening of Carousel Boutique, home of the finest couture fashion! Feel free to stop by and browse some of the designs I've already completed for my first few customers, or simply to be measured for a commission you may be considering. I personally guarantee all of my work, and I simply will not allow a customer to walk away anything less than fully satisfied with the finished product.

...Well, I've gone on quite long enough.  Please do consider stopping by at your leisure.  Thank you very much for your time, and I hope to see you all soon!
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[Rarity is the hero of the day, having consumed one of the bottles of milk delivered to 836 Hastings in order to save her housemate's life.  Unfortunately, however, that means she is now suffering the effects of the milk herself.  Anyone in the vicinity will hear a high pitched shriek.]


[Immediately following this sound, the door to the house flies open and out runs Rarity, covered from horn to hoof in spiders.]

Spiders!  They're in my hair!  Get them off, get them off, get them off!

[She runs around the front yard in utter panic for a minute or so before dropping to the ground and rolling around, trying to get them off.  Sadly, this only serves to compound her problems, as not only does it fail to rid her of her arachnid problem, but it also gets her dirty.  And once she realizes that, she screams again.]

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!  Dirt!  It's everywhere!  Get it off, get it off, get it off!

[Eventually, she just hunkers down on the ground and starts to cry, shivering in place as the spiders continue to crawl all over her and ruin her coat and mane.  This is the worst day.]

3rd Dress

Jul. 20th, 2011 04:52 pm
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[Action; outside 836 Hastings Boulevard]

[Rarity's out for a trot around the neighborhood when she notices a package sitting on the front step of the Liebert household addressed to her.]

For me...?  Whatever could this be?

[Blinking curiously, she gingerly bites at the string tying the package up and then meticulously opens it up with her hooves.  She scarcely has time to be confused by the picture of a unicorn horn inside, because as soon as she touches it, there's a momentary flash of light near her face as her horn is restored.]

Oh my!  Is it true?  Is it my horn?  I have to see!

[She runs back inside, coming back out with a small hand mirror floating in front of her as her horn sparkles with magic.  Smiling and laughing cheerfully, she turns her head from side to side, admiring her reflection and making kissy-faces.]

Much better!  Well, then, now that that's taken care of, I've got work to do!

[Action; around Mayfield; early afternoon]

[Later on, Rarity's managed to find a little red wagon and hitch herself up to it.  She's got a small pouch filled with coins tied around her neck, and there's a piece of paper and a pencil floating in front of her face as she holds it there with her magic.]

Let's see... I'll need fabric, sewing needles, thread, buttons, a pincushion, some gemstones, lace, sequins...

[Feel free to stop her, since she's largely just musing to herself at this point.  She may also be humming something to herself along the way.]

[Action; around Mayfield; late afternoon]

[It's a few hours later now, and Rarity's wagon is still empty.  Several of the items on her list are crossed out entirely rather than checked.  She hasn't been able to buy anything at all despite having money, because the proprietor of every shop she's attempted to visit has shooed her out of the doorway to the store before she even set foot inside.  Worse still, they all seem to think she's a dog.  You might catch her in the process of being kicked out of one of these businesses, or between them grumbling to herself about the drones and their extremely bad manners.]

Hmph... a dog indeed!  Can't these silly drones tell the difference between a housepet and a unicorn pony?
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[Phone; unfiltered]

Well, it certainly seems that Mayfield is even more uncultured than I'd originally thought.  Listen to all of you, airing out all of your secrets and dark thoughts over the phone.  You should all be ashamed of yourselves!  What kind of manners are those?  Thankfully, as a proper lady, I don't have to worry about that sort of thing.  I would never pick up the phone and air all of my secret grievances with my friends, like how Applejack really needs to take better care of that tangled mess she calls a mane if she is to have any hope of attracting her own Prince Charming.  Or how Rainbow Dash has no tact at all and the worst manners I've ever seen.  I mean, really, what does '20% cooler' even mean?  How does one quantify that sort of thing?  It makes no sense whatsoever.  Twilight Sparkle needs to learn that not every answer for every situation can be found inside a book, and would it really kill Pinkie Pie to throw a quiet party where everyone sits around sipping tea and making light conversation?  Just once in a while?  Also, Spike, dear... I'm afraid you don't look quite as good in a moustache as you seem to think.  Some dragons can pull off a moustache, but you are sadly not among them.  As for Fluttershy... well, it's a good thing she isn't here, as much as I do miss her.  After all, when she's actually putting forth the effort, she easily outshines me in almost every way without even trying!

[...Paaaaaaaause, as she takes in everything she just said, but especially that last part.]

...Not that I have a complex about that sort of thing, of course.

[The phone is hastily hung up at this point.


And then picked back up a moment later.]

...Except that I actually do.

1st Dress

Jul. 8th, 2011 07:48 pm
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[It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, and the Liebert residence on Hastings Boulevard has just gotten itself a new pet.  There is suddenly a doghouse in the back yard where there wasn't one before, its new occupant just waking up from her beauty sleep as a cute squeaky yawning sound emanates from the structure.  Of course, the voice isn't cute for very long, because once its owner realizes she's not in her bed anymore, the next sound out of that doghouse is a shrill, piercing scream.]


[Waking up in a new place is always a rather disorienting experience, especially when you're used to pampered comforts.  And then there's the dirt to consider.  Rarity comes tearing out of the doghouse like she's just seen a ghost, but doesn't make it very far before the rope anchoring her pulls her back.  Frowning at her surroundings and at the dirt and dust on her beautiful coat, Rarity decides that the best course of action is to complain loudly until someone notices her.]

What is the meaning of this?  Where am I?  This is certainly no way to treat a lady!  Tied up to whatever this miniature house is supposed to be with a piece of rope, like a common pack mule!  And no floor inside whatsoever!  It will take hours to get all of this dirt out of my hooves, to say nothing of the mess it's made of my mane!

[She huffs a little, shaking her head in dismay before appearing to calm down some.]

Well.  First things first, then.  Let's take care of this rope.

[Rarity closes her eyes for a moment in concentration, but they soon shoot wide open in shock.]

My magic!  What's happened to my magic?  Is my horn all right?

[Lifting a hoof, she feels around on her forehead for a moment or two.  Unfortunately, the horn which typically adorns it is conspicuously missing.]

My horn!  They've taken my horn!  What manner of savages are responsible for this?

[And she's just going to continue struggling against her restraint while shouting indignantly at whoever's unlucky enough to be passing by.  Knotwork isn't a skill that's typically practiced by proper high-class ladies such as herself, so Rarity's a bit stuck for the moment.]
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